Frequently Asked Questions

For information about our ordering policies, please read our Terms Page or message a Sales Representative.

Logging in to your online account


My username and password aren't working!

No worries, you have a few different options! First, you may log in to your account with either your username or email address. If neither work, try to navigate through the "Forgot Password" prompting. Don't submit this password reset request more than once, though! If it seems like the password reset didn't work, make sure that you've unchecked the "Remember Me" option of the login box and refresh the page. If you still have trouble, give us a call at (877)837-8838 and we can update your username and password internally.

It says my email address is not found?

You likely signed up with a different email address, or there was a glitch in the system. Give us a call at (877)837-8838 or send us a message on our contact us page and we'll see if we can find you in our system.

But I just got your latest sale blast? Doesn't that mean that I have an account?

Not necessarily. Our email blasts pull from current accounts, catalog requests, and email subscription requests from our website. It is a separate website (MailChimp) that we use for mass emailing.

I'm logged in now, so why can't I see the prices?

Your account may not yet be approved. We have to double check your business name and Tax ID information before we can approve you to be a wholesale customer. If you apply during normal business hours on Monday-Friday and your info checks out, you should be approved within that business day. You will receive an email notification once you're all set to shop!


Placing an order


When should I order?

Please keep in mind that Honey & Me, Inc. is mainly a wholesale company, which means that products are available on a limited and seasonal basis.

When are the products available to ship?

Our products are available to ship at different times. Each product displays the "Estimated Available Date" in the upper right corner of that item's details page. This date represents when we expect to receive the containers with these items, so orders might take a few days longer to ship while we unpack the crates. Some manufacturing delivery issues may cause this date to vary slightly from the time you place your order, but we try our very best to stay on schedule! Once the products are actually in our warehouse facility, that product's estimated date will change to simply say, "In-Stock."

How can I help to make this order speedy?

When placing an order that you're hoping to get quickly, try not to mix products with different availability dates in the same order. Instead place separate orders based on similar seasonal ship dates or In-Stock Products. Of course you can add In-Stock items to any order, but you should designate in the comments section of the notes whether you would like the In-Stock products to ship immediately, thus creating a back order, or to wait for the later arriving items and ship the entire order at one time.

When will I be charged for the order?

Your card information will be taken at the time of your order, however, it will not be charged until the order is ready to be processed and shipped. Please be sure that your card has the appropriate funds at the time you place your order though, because our system will process a quick hold at that time (sometimes this shows up on your card history and then disappears). If your card is denied at that time for any reason, your order will be put on hold and won't be processed until the hold can go through. Your order is batched for shipment only after the card hold is successful.